No Plastic Waste Week

For a week produce no plastic waste.

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About The Challenge

Strap yourself in - this is a tough one with plenty of rules to follow.

Most of us rely on plastics quite a bit because honestly, it's an amazing material! But in many cases it's poorly used and disposed of, meaning it ends up in landfills, whales, beaches, mountains and... well, everywhere.

Where possible, replacing the products you buy that use plastic packaging with ones that don't will really help in making this one easier. The challenge is not to stop using plastics altogether though, but to make sure we use them responsibly.

Recycling plastic you've used is fine - but simply throwing all your plastic in the recycling bin without a second thought is not good enough. Why? Because much of the plastic we use day to day can't actually be recycled.

Get up to speed on what can and can't be recycled where you live before tackling this challenge.

Reusing is even better than recycling. Plastic has its place, but most of the time we use it once and discard it. Take the challenge to the next level by reusing plastics instead of simply throwing them out.

This certainly is one of our more difficult challenges and if you don't crack it on the first attempt don't be put off - even using less plastic is a good start.

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